Ames Pool Table Service Company

Formally Tri-State Amusement Company

Ames Pool Table Service Company   Manchester, NH   1-603-623-1333

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Ames Pool Table Service Company

Welcome to Ames Pool Table Service Company. Ames offers a wide variety of quality pool table services for home and commercial game rooms. We are a small independent, full service company that takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality, guaranteed products and services. Centrally located in Manchester, NH Ames Pool Table Services can provide pool table services to all of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts at reasonable rates. Our factory trained staff can service all types of pool tables at any location. Our company not only provides residential pool table services but also provides scheduled maintenance and recovering services to billiard rooms, fraternal clubs, schools and other commercial game rooms. Please take time to visit our service and products page and let us know how we can help you. Please visit
our contact page for hour hours of operation or to speak to one of our technicians. Thank you for visiting Ames.

Pool Table Services

Adjustments / Refinishes
Relevel (w/ precision machinist level)
Refinish Antique Pool Table
Recloth Pool Tables (includes precision leveling)
Recloth Pool table w/ 22oz. Mali cloth
Recloth Pool table w/ Simonis #860 or 760 cloth
Add: 22oz. commercial Mali cloth (30 colors)
Add: Simonis #860 or 760 tournament cloth
Add: New Brunswick Superspeed cushions
Add: New Mark One cushions
Add: New Leather Pockets
Set Ups
Set up Pool table
Set up new Pool Table (internet or area dealer purchase)
Relocate pool table and set up at same address
Relocate and set up pool table to different address
Relocate - no set up
Storage at Ames (limited monthly basis)
Dismantle Pool Table - Pool Table Cloth
Supplier of Fabric at wholesale pricing.

Pool Table Products

Inlaid Ball Set
Belgium Crown Set
Belgium Premium Set
Belgium Brunswick Centennial Set
Belgium Super Aramith Set
One Piece Maple Cues
Maple Four Prong Cue with Lepro tip
Lucasi Rosewood Four Prong cue with leather tip (all cues come in 36”. 48” .52” and 57’ lengths)
Table Brush
9” with nylon brush
Brunswick Horsehair brush
Triangle and 9 ball racks
Plastic Triangle
Plastic 9 Ball rack
Brunswick Big Break triangle
Brunswick 9 ball rack
Colored chalk
Box of 144
Box of 12
Wall rack
Two piece maple or oak
BCA Rule Book
Bridge stick with metal head
Table Cover
Eclipse padded pool table cover
Fitted Hood (double stitched cover) 7’.8’ & 9’ (choice of color)
Plastic 7’, 8’ & 9’
7’ . 8’ and 9’ 22oz. Commercial Mali cloth
7’. 8’ and 9’ Tournament Simonis cloth
Focus shot
Pool Cue

Pool Table Packages

Deluxe Play Package
4 Maple Cues
1 Bridge stick
1 set of Belguim Crown Balls
1 Plastic Triangle
1 plastic 9 ball rack
1 plastic dust cover
12 pc. Chalk
1 six place wall rack
1 BCA Rule Book
Premium Play Package
4 Lucasi Rosewood Cues
1 Bridge stick with brass head
1 set of Belguim Premium Balls
1 Brunswick triangle
1 Brunswick 9 Ball rack
1 Hood fitted cover
1 Brunswick Horse hair brush
1 Dizen chalk
1 Deluxe pc. Eight place wall rack
1 BCA rule book

Ames Pool Table Services Guarantee

90 Day Service Guarantee

For over twenty-five years Ames Pool Table Service Company has provided residential and commercial game rooms with quality services and products. Through the years our technicians have learned various installation techniques that put our service above all other. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any of our services we offer a 90 day service guarantee. Simply call Ames and our fully insured technicians will return remedy the problem you may be experiencing at Ames’s expense.

This guarantee will cover any service that was provided by Ames and is limited to any pool table manufactures or structural defects. This guarantee covers the levelness of your pool table as longs as the table is not moved or adjusted by any person other then Ames’s technicians.